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The World According To Karlo

8 August 1979
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I should warn you, I do have a tendancy to blow stuff out of proportion when I'm annoyed. It helps with the venting.

I live in Calgary.
01. Full Birth Name: Karlo Keet
02. Hair Colour: Black
03. Eye Color: Brown with a bit of blue
04. Height Currently: 5'5"
05. Glasses/contacts: glasses
06. Birthdate: 08/08/79
07. StarSign: Leo
08. Current Age: 26

09. Siblings: yep
10. Siblings Age: 35,43
11. Location: Calgary, Alberta
12. College Plans: I'm done
13. Any Piercings: none

01. Best Friends: Chris
02. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Colleen
03. Current Crush: ^
04. Hobbies: Wing Chun Kung Fu, rollerblading, art,
07. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: 2006 Chevrolet Impala LT
08. Are You Timely Or Always Late: both
09. Do You Have A Job: Yes
10. Do You Like Being Around People: Yes

First grade teacher's name: Mrs Miller
Last word you said: NARF!!!!
Last song you sang: none

What's in your cd player? : an MP3 disk
What colour socks are you wearing? : none
What's under your bed? : Nothing
What time did you wake up at today?: 11:30

Where do you want to go? : Back to Las Vegas
What is your career going to be? : Graphics Designer
Where are you going to live? : Here in Calgary
How many kids do you want? : I don't know

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: Madonna - Get Into The Groove
Current taste: Mint
Current hair: Black
Current clothes: topless and Track Pants
Current annoyance: Nothing really
Current smell: none
Current longing:
Current desktop picture: Me and Colleen
Current favourite artist: Botticelli
Current fingernail color: ummm.... I don't do that sort of thing.
Current crush: I'm dating her
Current hate:
Current favorite article of clothing: My Banana Republic leather jacket.
Last cd that you bought: MC Mario Mixdown 2000
Favorite place to be: Las Vegas NV
Time you wake up in the morning: varies
Do you believe in an afterlife?: Yeah
How tall are you?: 5ft 5 inches
Current favorite word: you
Favorite book(s): Life of Pi
Favorite season: Summer